«Guappecartó accepts no definition whatsoever, but it’s first of all caracterized by an unrestrained energy.»

L’Oreille d’un Sourd – Yvan Amar / Mars 2008 • France Culture

    « GUAPPECARTO, LE BASTARO JAZZ Sometimes one can find moments of grace where everything’s fine, when all the elements that surround us seem to be in the right place. (…) It is not classical music, and it is also radically far away from the mediocrity that one hears everyday (…). Their story bristling with pitfalls and difficulties seem to be reflected on their instruments. At the same time slow then wild, flowing and jerky, one can experience all states of mind while listening to their tracks… »

Le Mur du Son – Blog / Février 2010

http://murduson.centerblog.net/     «Guappecartó : Italian musicians fantastically endearing and inventive»

Tri Sélectif / édition du 18 Février 2010