Guappecartó is a group of peppy Italians, who create with harbitten efficiency, an out of line and vitriolic universe. They interpret an unconfined, timeless and personal repertoire, in which classical, film, jazz and world music live.

The Guappecartós play as they live, with an innate feeling of stage, with spontaneity and open-minded spirit, with Italian elegance and enthusiasm, with a kind of ageless cabaret-punk touch. Let yourself carried away by the Guappecartó’s, you will with no doubt be touched…

Here come five boys ready to insufflate a new dynamism into the musical scene. A violon, an accordion, a guitar, a string bass, percussions… The Guappecartós are as gifted in shaking things up as in making vibrate their instruments. Their own compositions hover between South-American rhythms, waltz, Gypsy and – recalling their native Italia – Mediterranean flavors.

Formed in 2004 in Perugia, trained in Italian streets and bars, The Guappecartós launched an attack on France in August 2005, with, as sole luggage, faith in life and charisma. Here they come, six years later, with a first album to be released, “L’Amour c’est pas grave” , and with an enthusiastic and ever growing public. In 2012 they released their second album, the eponymous “Guappecarto'”.

Their music comes from a research far inward themselves and their instruments. No leader stands up here. Only a will of personal feelings and experiences’ genuine expression. All this can bring us very far. In far-off lands where instruments can start dreaming, sometimes cry, before starting a wild and frenzied dance. From Italy, they keep the roots, the presence and a particular style. From Gypsy culture, they borrow the flavors, a form of life’s confrontation, and a limitless moving nature. From all the rest, they draw an always renewed energy and inspiration.